Providing independent specialist advice and expertise on all aspects of contract catering within Wales and the South West

Smooth Catering Solutions

Smooth catering solutions

There has been significant changes to contracted food provision in recent years with updates and changes to food legislation, a shortage of available staff with the correct skill set, as well as a rise in commercial utility costs. It has also become increasingly challenging for clients to juggle both budgetary pressures and the rise in costs of food and labour against consumer expectation and perceived value for money.

At SCS we are here to help

We will provide you with that “wrap around care” to guide you through the varying hurdles that appear to be in the way. We can offer operational and financial reviews, quality monitoring, food safety appraisals, marketing and tariff management, team member skills assessments and training. We can even offer “undercover investigations”.
We are committed to providing our clients with an outstanding level of service and professionalism, using our unrivalled industry experience and operational management ability to ensure that your catering operation is an absolute success.
We will work with individual clients to provide cost effective solutions and to tailor to your specific requirements whether it is to help improve your catering offer or achieve specific strategic objectives.

Being based in Newport the team have over 25 years in the catering industry having worked for both large catering contractors and welsh government organisations in the operational and strategic management of contracts in Education and Business & Industry. In that time we have also forged good working relations with trade unions in both pay and industrial working negotiations.

We can help with training and development of your catering teams to broaden their operational and managerial knowledge as well as providing them with a better understanding of your business values, aiding in staff retention.
The team have also advised clients on kitchen and counter service solutions as well as successfully mobilised large scale, multi-site contracts.

Our focus on understanding clients’ requirements results in solutions and recommendations that are aligned to their business needs and consumer expectations.

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We are independent of any contractor or consulting body which could cause potential conflict of interest.

The area of our advice and support focuses on improving the performance and customer experience of existing food and beverage outlets, ensuring that catering is customer centric, culturally sympathetic and commercially sustainable.


Market Research & Customer Profiling

We can offer advice on the development of marketing plans and marketing strategy to ensure that all areas of the service stimulate customer interest and that theme day activity is relevant and suitable.



We can work with you on the development of a programme of sustainability for your catering operation creating positive and tangible impact for all stakeholders


Undercover Investigations

We can gather first hand evidence and information if you suspect that a potential problem exists within your workplace, such as cash or stock control, to employee harassment. Our operatives will pose as an employee / agency worker to help uncover or disprove any rumours


Catering operational review and development

A thorough investigation of all areas of the catering operation, covering food quality & procurement, Welsh standard menu compliance (if applicable). food production & planning, service delivery and operational standards. As well as development of increased services such as breakfast / after school club **
** (education contracts)

Catering Financial Performance Reviews

Conduct an indepth analysis of all financial aspects of the service, including sales breakdown, menu costing and sales matrix. Operational costs, GP management and budget monitoring.

Quality Monitoring

We use a detailed matrix that tracks the customer journey and experience so that we can highlight food service shortfalls and identify areas for improvement.

Food Safety

We can assist with ensuring that sites have a clear food safety policy and can advise on food safety, health & safety, conduct a premises condition review as well as reviewing HACCP systems and staff training.
Compliance Accreditation ** We can work with you on ensuring that your food offer is compliant and accredited to Welsh government standards. Certification valid for 12 months, certification issued by Welsh government on provision of detailed evidence of full compliancy.
** (education contracts)

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